Are You the ‘Bud’ of Your Energy Bill’s Jokes?

It’s Not Even Funny How Much Money You Can Save Did you know your HVAC unit consumes more than half of your home’s energy? Wasting energy means wasting money—and that’s no laughing matter. This National Humor Month, our team at Cornerstone Pros is putting the jokes aside to explain why you should consider upgrading to […]

Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Total Comfort

Learn How to Defend Your Home Against Comfort Loss The sizzling summer heat is threatening your home front. So, as a Florida homeowner, you’re left with two options: Battle this enemy or surrender to its control. Well, the team at Cornerstone Pros is here to protect your home comfort from defeat. From our air conditioning […]

The Hotline for Warmer Water

It’s Time For a More Dependable Water Heater It’s no secret that Florida, for the most part, stays warm all year long. So does your water heater. In fact, it’s responsible for heating your H2O day in and day out, making it “the Florida” of home comfort systems. However, to avoid receiving the cold shoulder […]

It’s Electric!

Learn How to Make this New Year Electrifyingly Safer December is a bittersweet month full of reflecting on the days that are behind you and celebrating all of the opportunities that lie ahead. So, with the new year on the horizon, it’s time that you ask yourself, “What do you want to change this year?” […]

Choose the Proper Path

Cornerstone Pros Takes Your Air Conditioning System in the Right Direction The largest river in Florida – the St. Johns River – flows from south to north. It’s been said over the years the St. Johns is one of only a few south-to-north flowing rivers. Some people even believe it’s one of only two rivers […]

Fall for Whole-Home Efficiency

Maintaining the Wellbeing of Your Home Comfort Systems Autumn is officially here. That means it’s time for homeowners to make peace with summer’s end and to start preparing their homes (and their minds) for the cooler nights that lie ahead. Doing this the right way requires a team of comfort specialists who are equipped to […]


Thank you for choosing Cornerstone Pros for your HVAC needs! In order to continue to receive the extended parts and labor warranty on your HVAC system the manufacturer requires you to receive at least one annual maintenance service on your system. Below, please see Manufacture Requirements per the manufacturer Warranty Docs: Daikin:  This warranty covers […]

August 2015 Newsletter

Tips to save money on your monthly bills.. SAVE MONEY ON YOUR HOME Does it interest you that you could possibly save hundreds of dollars on your AC, Plumbing, and Electrical bills with simple steps ? If this is the case please continue reading and learn how you could save BIG throughout your entire home from […]