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Are You Prepared to Keep the Power On?

Home Generators Offer Unmatched Hurricane Protection

It’s easy to take a fully powered home for granted. Lights, refrigeration, entertainment … Much of our day-to-day needs and activities rely on a steady stream of electricity from the power grid. But with hurricane season in full swing, many of us know all too well to expect the unexpected.

After all, power isn’t just a luxury. It’s a necessity. That’s exactly why having a backup option to keep your home up and running while the grid is down is essential to protecting your family, especially during a storm. If you don’t already have a whole-home or portable generator, this blog will help you learn the different options available and what may be right for you.

Protect More Than Your Comfort

Power outages by themselves are no fun. And when a hurricane is added to the mix, the hazardous conditions increase. A generator is an important first step in safeguarding your family’s wellbeing and getting you through the storm.

  • Keep your food fresh. It’s always a great idea to have extra non-perishable food in the house for emergencies, but having a generator to keep your refrigerator running ensures cold supplies stay fresh and don’t spoil. This saves you money and headaches.
  • Keep yourself comfortable. With a generator, your home comfort systems will continue to operate. Outdoor temperatures can fluctuate during a storm, so keeping your home cool, especially for children and the elderly, is important.
  • Stay connected. When you have a generator, you’ll also be able to watch TV and charge your phone during a power outage. The entertainment value is great. But, more importantly, you’ll be able to stay informed on the latest storm information and reach out for help if necessary.

Whole-Home vs. Portable Generators

So, what exactly is the difference between a whole-home and a portable generator? They both offer the same benefits, but in very different ways.

Whole-Home Generators

  • Permanently installed outside of your home, this option is designed to keep the entire house running when the main power is down.
  • Running off of your home’s natural gas line, there’s no need to refuel or manually start the unit when you need it. It will kick on automatically if the power grid fails.These generators are incredibly safe when installed by the pros at Cornerstone, meeting all safety and inspection standards.
  • While on the pricier side, these units will not only deliver you peace of mind, but will also increase your overall property value.

Portable Generators

  • Portable generators are smaller and can be moved from place to place, including on the go for camping trips or other activities.
  • Because of their size, portable generators are only capable of powering home essentials during a power outage. This means they are not ideal for long-term downtime.
  • This option also requires a dedicated fuel source, such as gasoline, as well as manual operation. It must be placed in a well-ventilated area as well.

Cornerstone Powers Lives Daily

Regardless of what generator option is best for you, you can trust Cornerstone to serve as your guiding light through hurricane season. Call us today to discuss our Generac options in Tampa, or for more information on how we can help you secure your home this summer.

Whatever you need, feel free to reach out to us online or call Cornerstone Pros at 813.859.6786 today to discuss your next project!