Surge Protection in the Greater Tampa Area

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Protect Your Home From Power Surges

Cornerstone Pros offers surge protection installation in Tampa and beyond designed to prevent power surges from damaging your home’s electrical system. Our certified technicians will work with you to create a surge protection solution that works for your home. We will then install and test your new surge protection solution, ensuring that all your electronics will be safe from damaging power surges.

Power surges are sudden spikes in voltage that may cause major damage to your appliances and electronics. Once you understand the potential cost of a power surge – likely thousands of dollars at a minimum – you will see how important surge protection is for both your physical and financial safety.

What Causes Power Surges?

Power surges most often come from lightning strikes or problems with the power grid caused by downed power lines, transformer malfunction, or human error. When a surge occurs, a large amount of electricity is sent through your system. Small power surges happen every day, but you can never predict when a larger surge will occur. 

Internal surges caused by problems local to your home can also occur, but they are less common and less intense. They can be caused by the cycling on and off of large appliances like air conditioners, refrigerators, and washing machines, as these appliances draw significant amounts of electricity, and when they turn on or off, they can create brief spikes in voltage.

How Surge Protection Works

Surge protectors divert that excess voltage running through your system, so it does not reach your electronics and appliances. Understanding the different types of surge protectors available will help you choose the best one for your home:

Benefits of Surge Protection

The first benefit of surge protection installation in Tampa is the immediate protection you’ll get for your appliances and electronics. You can rest easy through the summer thunderstorms in Florida knowing that your belongings will not be fried by lightning. This is especially significant if your home is also your workplace, and you keep electronics related to work at home. 

A surge may also pose a fire risk, which is immediately reduced with the addition of a surge protector. Your circuits are much less likely to overload or fail as a result of a power surge. You’ll also increase the chance that your appliances and electronics will last longer. This is because you’re eliminating the impact of small power surges that don’t noticeably effect your electronics in the moment, but do wear them down over time.

Surge Protection Maintenance and Repair

Cornerstone Pros can also maintain and repair your already-installed surge protection system and components. Our certified technicians use the latest electrical diagnostics tools to accurately identify problems and can usually do the repair on the same visit. We understand the importance of keeping up with your surge protection system, as it’s your primary line of defense against power surges.