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Take Back Control of Your Home

Your home is the safest place you can be—or is it? Believe it or not, there are countless harmful contaminants hidden within your space that are diminishing the quality of your indoor environment and putting the health of your family at risk. Luckily, you can kick these intruders to the curb—for good—with Cornerstone Pros’ indoor air quality services in Tampa and the surrounding areas.

A Breath of Fresh Air

At Cornerstone Pros, our team knows how unsettling it is for you to hear that your home isn’t as safe as you originally believed. But unearthing just how unhealthy it is will shock you.

The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency has found indoor air pollution levels to be two to five times higher—and, in some cases, up to 100 times more polluted—than outdoor air. That’s because there are hundreds of contaminants circulating through your home’s or business’s air and ventilation system. This includes allergens, bacteria, chemicals, VOCs, pet dander, dust, and other particulates.

While some indoor pollutants are just bothersome, others can make you sick and heighten respiratory ailments. Taking measures to improve your home’s indoor air quality will:

Defend Your Home & Your Health With the Clean Air Defense System

At Cornerstone, we believe the solution to a healthier home is to treat the cause—not the symptoms—with a complete indoor air cleaning strategy. That’s why we offer the Clean Air Defense System. This indoor air solution is designed to provide safe, reliable and affordable high-efficiency air cleaning products for today’s tight building construction, helping you achieve a cleaner, fresher, healthier indoor environment.

With the Clean Air Defense System, you can control:

Better Air & Purer Care

Our specialists are trained to assess your indoor air, isolate pollutants and recommend affordable mitigation methods that will effectively remove contaminants from your indoor air and surfaces. Ultimately, this will improve your space’s IAQ—and your life.

Allow our IAQ services to help you catch wind of a healthier home:

Air Scrubbers & Purification Systems

Air purification systems use HEPA filters and UV technology to remove indoor contaminants (mold, chemicals, microorganisms, etc.) from the air you breathe. Cornerstone’s trained technicians install air cleaners that work with your existing HVAC system to mitigate odors, particulates and bacteria while improving HVAC efficiency and lifespan. Ask us about:

Humidifiers & Dehumidifiers

Improper humidity levels cause your HVAC system to work less efficiently—and may lead to respiratory discomfort, illness and condensation. Cornerstone Pros restores balanced humidity levels to your home by installing and servicing whole-house dehumidifiers. These affordable systems work in conjunction with cooling and heating equipment to reduce the impact of damp air.

Proper indoor humidification leads to a number of benefits, including:

UV Light Systems

For more than 100 years, scientists have recognized that certain light frequencies disrupt the DNA of microorganisms, which prevents the reproductive cycle. Today, UV light disinfection is widely used in hospitals, laboratories, food service companies and other settings requiring sanitized surfaces and equipment.

To improve your indoor air quality, the Cornerstone team installs the Clean Air Defense’s UV light system, which utilizes UV technology to clean the air and inhibit mold and microbe growth. This air purification system destroys airborne contaminants as they pass through the filtration system. Airborne microbes are repeatedly exposed to the sterilizing UV rays, which reduces indoor contaminants like dust mites, epicoccum, aspergillum, pollen and legionella.

You can count on our UV air purification system to: