Lighting Installation in the Greater Tampa Area

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More Visibility, Inside & Outside Your Home

At Cornerstone Pros, our lighting installation in Tampa and the surrounding areas is designed to beautify your home—inside and out. With unique lighting designs and installations that fit your space, we combine safety and function with aesthetically beautiful fixtures to illuminate your home.

We specialize in both outdoor landscape lighting and helping our customers make the switch to more energy-efficient fixtures. Contact us today to learn more about what we can do to upgrade your space with new lighting.

Bringing the Benefits Into View

Installing landscape lighting is the most affordable and efficient way to see your home and outdoor living space in a better light. It’s easy to see why with the following benefits of outdoor lighting:

Improved Safety

It’s harder to see at night. But with outdoor lighting, you never have to worry about the security of your home setting when the sun goes down. Instead, from floodlighting to spotlighting, adding landscape lighting improves visibility. Properly lit walkways and stairs help to limit liability while ensuring safe passage. Plus, increased visibility deters potential intruders, too.

Brighter Aesthetics

Landscape lighting complements a home’s best features and is proven to increase resale value. Your home’s entranceway is one of the first things your guests and passers-by see. By installing outdoor lighting in Tampa, it also becomes the most eye-catching part of your home. That’s because it gives you the ability to keep important features—such as your house number or exterior decoration— from disappearing at night and creates a warm and welcoming glow.

Keeps your outdoor space shining

Landscape lighting gives walkways, patios, and driveways more definition, which makes these pathways easy to navigate and more accessible—day or night. Also, from putting trees along the perimeter in the limelight to making certain parts of your garden bed pop, adding outdoor lighting can transform a dull walk into an enjoyable one. 

Plus, choosing to illuminate specific areas prolongs your outdoor living space’s usability. This means you can continue entertaining guests and enjoy the fresh outdoor night air for longer, especially in a location like Florida where it stays fairly warm out at night for most of the year. 

A Variety of Options That Shine

There are several different landscape lighting options you can choose from when you turn to Cornerstone Pros. This includes:

Energy-Efficient Lighting Solutions

Are you still using old incandescent lighting?  The certified technicians at Cornerstone Pros can help you switch away from using incandescent lighting with LED lighting installation in Tampa. This is a great way to upgrade the lighting in your home. LED lighting is a highly energy-efficient lighting technology. It uses 75% less energy and lasts 25 times longer than incandescent lighting. This can equal substantial money savings throughout the year.

Let There Be Light

When you’re ready to flip the switch for the safer, more accessible, and aesthetically appealing living space you deserve, you can give our team the green light by reaching out online or calling us. We’ll get right to work!