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‘Holly’-lujah for These Money-Saving Tips

Unwrap Lower Energy Bills & More

Are you tired of wasting money on unnecessarily high energy bills?

You can trim them by turning to Cornerstone Pros. From performing flawless furnace, AC and heat pump installations in Pasco County, FL, to offering big discounts and unbeatable deals on our HVAC, electrical and plumbing services, our team is committed to helping you save during the best—and most expensive—time of the year.

Here are three ways to get started.

Unwrap Whether Your Unit Is ‘Fa-La’-Unctioning Like It Should

One of the greatest gifts a homeowner can receive is an HVAC unit that operates at peak efficiency. This is where our HVAC maintenance services come in.

During an inspection, our experts will clean and examine your unit from top to bottom to determine whether it’s operating in the most energy- and cost-efficient manner. If it’s not, we’ll resolve the problem by identifying any parts that need to be repaired or replaced. Or, if necessary, we’ll recommend replacing your unit with a more energy-efficient system.

Giving your system the TLC it needs is a gift that keeps giving. It:

  • Adds years to your unit’s lifespan
  • Significantly increases your unit’s efficiency
  • Prevents minor repairs from turning into major issues
  • … And more!

’Tis the Season to Adjust Your Thermostat

When it comes to figuring out who has been naughty or nice, Santa doesn’t just check his list once and call it a day. He checks it repeatedly to make sure it’s accurate, making adjustments as needed. Well, if you want to save money on winter heating costs, channel Santa’s mindset for your thermostat.

Stay on top of the thermostat, adjusting it frequently to ensure it’s at the most energy-efficient temperature—particularly when you’re not home or you’re sleeping. According to, turning your thermostat down 15 degrees can help you save up to 10 percent on your heating costs.

Finding the most efficient temperature for your home is effortless when you upgrade to a programmable smart thermostat. These devices are designed with energy savings in mind. They learn your temperature preferences and daily routines and then establish schedules, adjusting your indoor environment to energy-saving temperatures when you’re asleep or away. They also provide home energy use data that you can track and manage.

With these thermostats, your comfort is under your control at all times. As long as you have access to your smart phone or other electronic device, you can adjust your home’s temperature.

Deck Your Home With LED Lighting

Rudolph can’t guide you to a more energy-efficient home, but LED lights can. LED lights are more efficient, durable and longer lasting than incandescent bulbs. According to the U.S. Department of Energy, LED lights use up to 75 percent less energy and last 25 times as long as incandescent bulbs.

When you take advantage of our outdoor lighting services, you will unwrap lower energy bills all year long. You’ll also receive $50 off an LED lighting upgrade.

Let’s ‘Sleigh’ High Energy Bills—for Good

Don’t wait for the giving season to wrap up to attain the lower energy bills you deserve. Fill out our online form or call us at 813.995.7558 to schedule a heat pump installation in Tampa, FL or to take advantage of our “holly”-day deals today!