For the Love of DIY Home Comfort … Should You or Shouldn’t You?

Young man cleaning filters in the air-conditioning split device.

Learn What Projects Are Safe to Try Yourself We love home improvement. We wouldn’t be in the comfort industry if we didn’t. Like us, many homeowners also love the opportunity to roll up their sleeves, get their hands dirty and tackle projects around the house. While we’re always happy to lend a helping hand, we […]

A New Year Means a Clean Slate for Savings

Tips, Tricks & Information for 2024 With 2024 underway, many families may be wondering what changes to make to keep costs manageable this year, especially with HVAC industry changes on the horizon (more on that later in this blog.) It’s easy to overlook what it costs to power a home. What may seem like a […]

Give the Gift of Clean Air for the Holidays

Indoor Air Quality Never Goes Out of Style! December is the most wonderful time of year for a reason: There are so many days, people and good fortunes to celebrate as we head into 2024. If you’re still looking for the perfect gift to give this year, nothing says you care quite like the gift […]

A Cozy Holiday Is a Happy Holiday

Tips for Hosting the Most Comfortable Thanksgiving Ever! November is finally here! There are so many things to celebrate, like scoring a great Black Friday deal on that electric scooter you’ve had your eye on or getting into a heated argument over whether turkey or ham is the superior main dish on Thanksgiving. If you’re […]

Don’t Get Tricked by These Common Halloween Decoration Mistakes!

How to Ensure Your Comfort Is Nothing but a Treat This Year Boo! October is here, which means the spookiest time of the year is upon us! But just like any holiday, your home comfort equipment is still up and running to keep your home at the perfect temperature for all of your Halloween frights. […]

Still Using an Old ‘Bubble’ Style Thermostat? Consider an Upgrade!

The Wide World of Home Thermostats—and Customized Home Comfort! You know the one we’re talking about­. It’s an absolute classic, and a staple of many homes for decades. In fact, you may still have one or two on your walls to this very day…and there’s nothing wrong with that! Basic “bubble” thermostats operated by a […]

AC on the Fritz? Let’s Diagnose the Problem!

Learn How to Identify Common AC Issues We’ve all been there. You’re cooling off after a long day in the sun when, without warning, the cold air stops. Or you realize it’s a little warmer than it should be, so you adjust your thermostat but nothing happens. Even with proper routine maintenance, your entire HVAC […]

Tick Tock…Are Your AC’s Golden Years Behind It?

Learn More About What Your AC’s Age Says About Its Effectiveness When you first moved into your home, did you ever think to check how old the AC was? For many homeowners, the air conditioner is just another appliance that works without paying much attention to it. When your system is newer, that may seem […]

Address Your AC Troubles in the Spring for a Happy Summer

Cornerstone Helps You Get a Handle on Your Home Cooling ASAP! Here in Florida, the spring days are already starting to heat up to summer levels. That means our AC units are kicking into high gear and face a long road ahead. That’s why it’s so important to know your air conditioner’s, well, condition. Just […]

Spring Is Here—and So Is Peak Allergy Season!

Good Indoor Air Quality Keeps You Happy & Healthy in Warmer Months So long, winter! Hello, spring! Temperatures are steadily on the rise, reminding us that summer is on the way. The sun is shining, flowers are blooming, and tissue boxes are about to start flying off of store shelves. It’s an unfortunate truth: The […]