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Don’t Let Clogs Be a Drain on Your Resources

Cornerstone Pros Plumbers Are Ready to Save Your Day

Every day, our trusty plumbers are called to homes around Tampa for drain cleaning emergencies. Slow drains and full-blown clogs are pretty common, but that doesn’t make them any easier to navigate. When water is pooling in a tub or sink, it can feel like your daily plans and schedule are circling the drain.

But don’t worry. We get all of those calls for household repairs for a reason. Our helpful team has the tools and know-how to investigate your pipes and restore them in no time flat. And because we put an emphasis on customer service, you’ll know when our friendly expert will arrive and how repairs are coming along.

Some homeowners may be tempted to resolve the problem themselves with a chemical drain cleaner. While we understand why people are attracted to a simple solution, we find they rarely work as planned. These harsh chemicals damage the integrity of your pipes, and they’re ineffective against some kinds of clogs. If your problem is being caused by a tree root or an item that shouldn’t have gone down the drain (such as a toy or baby wipe), then a chemical drain cleaner will only harm your pipes.

Instead, you’ll know you’re getting a long-term solution by calling in Cornerstone. Our plumbers have an assortment of tools—from snakes to augers to hydro jets—to handle your problem. Once we’ve had a look at the clog, we can determine the best option for your home.

Prevention Is the Smartest Approach

Of course, the best option is to avoid any clogs, to begin with. Here are some helpful tips to avoid the need for professional drain cleaning around Tampa, FL.

  • Pour liquid grease into a container; an old soup can or jar will work. Let it harden there instead of inside your pipes. You can throw the container in the trash or recycling once the grease solidifies.
  • Your toilet is not a trash can. Only flush human waste and toilet paper. Baby wipes, hygiene products, contacts and floss belong in the garbage.
  • Upgrade your drain stopper. Hair and soap can build up over time, creating a dense, gross clog. Drains with a mesh screen will catch hair while allowing water to drain, saving you a headache down the road.
  • Keep food scraps out of your sink. Eggshells, rice, pasta and coffee grounds are infamous for causing blockages, but there are other offenders as well. This is a great opportunity to start composting, but even putting food waste into the garbage is a better option.

Leave It to Us

If it’s too late for preventive measures, Cornerstone is ready to help. We’ve been serving Pasco, Hillsborough, Hernando and parts of Pinellas counties for more than 50 years. In that time, we’ve earned a reputation for professionalism, fair prices and great customer service. So, what are you waiting for? Give us a call at 727.295.3099 or schedule an appointment online.