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From HVAC Zoning to Smart Thermostats—Personalized Comfort Starts Here!

No two homes are the same, yet many HVAC companies treat comfort as if it’s universal. At Cornerstone Pros, we don’t. We take a personal approach to home comfort, offering the home climate control services you need to keep everyone in your household completely comfortable.

Specializing in smart thermostats and HVAC zoning systems, our pros help you lower energy bills while optimizing indoor comfort. Today’s smart thermostats and HVAC zoning systems allow users to customize room temperatures without conditioning unoccupied areas. This leads to comfort where you demand it and savings you can revel in! With our home climate control solutions, you can enjoy the greener side of being a homeowner—that is, a life that’s easier, safer, and more efficient! 

Why Is Upgrading to a Smart Thermostat a Wise Decision?

When it comes to home climate control solutions, a smart thermostat is the leader of the pack. This smart device makes complete comfort simple. Our thermostats are Wi-Fi enabled. This means that as long as you have access to a phone, tablet, or computer, you have the ability to control your heating or cooling system and adjust room temperatures—even when you’re out and about.  When properly used, smart thermostats can deliver utility savings of 1 percent or more per degree, studies show.

At Cornerstone, we offer programmable thermostats from Nest. As one of the most advanced home climate control solutions on the market, this smart thermostat has the ability to learn your room temperature preferences and your routine. Using the information it gathers, this device establishes a comfort schedule that’s tailored to your life and your budget, automatically adjusting to the most energy- and cost-efficient temperature—based on whether you’re home, at work, asleep, or away. In turn, you’ll enjoy monthly savings and a more energy-efficient home!

Types of Smart Thermostat & HVAC Zoning Systems

We’re experts at installing all types and brands of smart thermostats and HVAC zoning systems. Our home climate control expertise includes:

Delivering scheduled climate control that’s tailored to your schedule and lifestyle, even the most advanced thermostats are relatively affordable. Unlike previous, more complicated models, Cornerstone’s recommended thermostats are easy to use and quick to program. In addition, many can be programmed to control air quality equipment and dehumidifiers, as well.

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To improve the efficiency of your heating, cooling, and air quality equipment using programmable thermostats or HVAC zone systems, give us a call. You may also request thermostat repairs and installations using our online service request form. A technician will be in touch shortly to schedule your appointment!

Why should you choose us? All of our skilled technicians at Cornerstone Pros who work in your home or business are professionally trained, background checked and drug tested.  Our technicians also drive fully stocked trucks to ensure they are able to get the job done the first time out to your home or business. Turn to us for all of your comfort needs. We’re your pros for the following services: