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Reliable Standby Generator Services

Many people think of backup generators as giant, noisy units that can be heard all around the neighborhood. This is no longer the case.  Modern generators are compact, quiet, smart, and able to power some or all of your electrical appliances at once. In Tampa, generator installation is critical as hurricanes often cause power outages, resulting in countless hardships. Never worry about losing power again once you add a generator with the help of Cornerstone Pros.

Cornerstone Pros is a proud installer of Generac whole-home generators because we choose to install high-quality products that have a consistent track record. We can also repair generators from a variety of brands. Plus, we’re happy to consult if you’re looking for a generator replacement but want to upgrade or change your previous model. Learn more about our generator installation process when you call us or reach out online

The Benefits of Getting a Generator

When you request generator installation in Tampa or the surrounding areas, you are truly investing in your safety and comfort. A standby generator from Cornerstone Pros can prevent almost all of the problems associated with power loss, including:

Our technicians can install generators that plumb directly into your home’s natural gas line so you’ll never have to fill a gas tank again! As both electricians and plumbers, we are uniquely qualified to handle gas-powered devices like generators. If you’re tired of losing power and want to install a standby generator for your home, call Cornerstone Pros today.

Why Generator Repairs & Maintenance Are Important

You may wonder why you need to get an inspection or generator repair in Tampa in the off-season when you’re unlikely to need your generator. But in Florida, there is no true “off-season,” and there’s always a chance that you’ll lose power due to human error or a problem with the power grid. 

In Florida, power outages are more common than in the average state, and they last on average for three days, which is a long time to be without power. If you don’t perform regular maintenance for your generator, it is possible that it won’t start when you need it to. And, if you ignore system alerts telling you to call a technician or electrician, it’s likely you’re missing a problem that requires repair. 

Luckily, Cornerstone Pros are well-versed in generator repair and are prepared to perform all of the maintenance checks required to ensure your generator is in top condition. Whether you need a cosmetic repair to the generator enclosure or a more serious look at a mechanical problem, we are ready to dive in.

Why Choose Cornerstone Pros For Your EV Charger Installation

Installing a home EV charger is a smart investment for any electric vehicle owner, and Cornerstone Pros has a team perfectly suited to the job. We are professionals with extensive expertise in electrical work, as well as plumbing and HVAC services, so we can serve your needs beyond just electric vehicle chargers if desired. Contact us today to schedule your installation or ask questions about our services!