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Is Your Home Childproofed Against Electrical Hazards?

Follow These Tips for 100% Peace of Mind

Raising a child takes a village. It doesn’t matter if you’re a parent, a grandparent, an aunt/uncle or even a close family friend—when you play a role in a child’s life, your mission is to keep them happy, healthy and, most importantly, safe!

Unfortunately, it only takes a split second for a child to get into something they shouldn’t. That’s why, even if a child doesn’t live with you full time, it’s important you childproof your home.

From an unexpected plumbing or electrical disaster in Pinellas County to an untimely air conditioning repair in Hillsborough County, FL, the Cornerstone Pros team deals with emergency situations on a regular basis. Not only do we know how to handle these types of scenarios, we also have insight on how to prevent them.

As parents ourselves, we suggest addressing all electrical hazards first—and here’s why: According to the Electrical Safety Foundation International, seven children a day are treated for injuries caused by electrical shock—with parents being present in the home for 70% of these instances.

To improve your home’s safety, here are two tips for childproofing your home against electrical hazards.

1. View Your Home From Your Child’s Perspective

Children are curious creatures who love to explore their surroundings. To understand the hazards that are within their reach, you need to get down on their level. Here are two threats you’ll find:

  • Outlets: Wall outlets are actually one of the biggest threats for babies and children. Fortunately, eliminating this hazard is easy. You can either cover outlets with clear plastic caps or screw on safety plates for complete coverage.
  • Cords: From lamps to appliances, if there’s a cord hanging down, you can bet a child will yank on it. So, here are two things you’re going to want to do. No. 1: Check all of the cords in your house to ensure they’re in good condition. If a cord is frayed or damaged, get rid of it right away! No. 2: Invest in cord holders, which will keep your cords in place so they can’t be yanked.

2. Make Sure Your Electrical Components Pass the Test

From cords to outlets to appliances, your electrical components are susceptible to wear and tear. So, it’s important to inspect their integrity regularly. Set a reminder to test and inspect your home’s cords, GFCI outlets and electrical appliances at least once a month—and after a major storm or power failure.

Testing your GFCIs is simple:

  1. Plug an electrical device into the wall socket.
  2. Press your GFCI’s test button.
  3. Do you hear a snapping sound? This means the GFCI isn’t working properly and you need to call our team of certified electricians for help!
  4. Did the electrical device stop working? Good! This means the GFCI is working properly.
  5. Press the reset button again and the GFCI will return to normal.

Take Childproofing a Step Further With Cornerstone Pros!

There’s only so much you can do to protect a child against electrical hazards in the home. When it comes to the major electrical hazards, you should turn to the pros—Cornerstone Pros. We offer the electrical services you need to take power over the safety of your home, including:

From addressing major electrical threats to removing harmful airborne contaminants, Cornerstone delivers a comprehensive lineup of electrical, plumbing, HVAC and indoor air quality services to Pinellas County, FL, and surrounding areas! Fill out our online form or call our pros at 727.295.3099 today!