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What You Should Ask Your Contractor Before They Work In Your Home Or Business

Are you looking to have work done in your home or business?  There are five things you should be asking to prevent costly mistakes, unnecessary risks and pesky headaches.  Whether you are fixing something that is broken, considering an equipment upgrade or having a new home, building or addition built, you will want to remember these five important questions.

[toggle title=”Scheduling”]

At Cornerstone Pros, you’re given a specific time, and we’ll be there – guaranteed.  To us, a “no show” is unprofessional.  That’s why real-live human beings answer our phones 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to schedule your needs.

If someone says, “We should be there in the next day or so,” you need to keep looking. Why should you have to wait around on a “maybe”? Or what if it is an emergency? You need a quick response, not an appointment a week from Tuesday.


[toggle title=”Credentials”]

Ask your contractor for licensing information.  Whether it’s a electrical, HVAC, or plumbing contractor they should be able to readily provide licensing and insurance information.  Also, it is a good idea to ask for references.  Request at least five references from recent customers.  Be sure to check the references and inquire about timeliness, job performance and overall satisfaction of results.  Cornerstone Pros is fully licensed and insured and has over 50 years of industry experience.


[toggle title=”Up-Front Pricing”]

Never pay any contractor an upfront deposit. While a contractor may claim the deposit is to buy supplies, credible contractors should have open accounts with local suppliers and should not need that upfront deposit.  At Cornerstone Pros, we have an Up-Front pricing policy where  you’ll know the price from start to finish before we begin the work and we only ask for payment when the work has been completed.


[toggle title=”Training, Experience, Character”]

The last thing you want is to be a training class for an inexperienced electrician or technician.  Ask about training policies for anyone that may be working on the job and ask about hiring requirements before you invite a contractor to your home or business.

At Cornerstone Pros, our electricians and technicians go through Advanced Professional training and certification.  We re-train our technicians and electricians every year on basics and new technology that our equipment demands.

As far as character goes, we drug test regularly, background check and use photo IDs.  We wouldn’t send anyone to your home or business that we wouldn’t let in ours.


[toggle title=”Guarantees”]

Get a Guarantee!  Without one, you could be paying for the same job twice.

Ask about guarantees in writing.  If the contractor can’t give you one, then find someone else. This is why Cornerstone Pros puts our guarantees in writing.