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New Year, New Way to Get Hot H2O In Your Home!

Tap Into the Benefits of Tankless Water Heaters!

The start of the new year holds such promise. Not only does it allow you to set new goals, but it also provides you with the opportunity to leave behind old habits. In addition to those habits, there’s something else you should consider leaving behind—your hot water heater’s tank!

From our residential heating services to our water heater services, Cornerstone Pros is committed to keeping Tampa Bay residents warm and cozy. A dependable supply of hot water flowing through your home plays a major role in this commitment.

While hot water is a necessity, a traditional water heater is optional. There’s an alternative: a tankless system, which heats water on demand while saving you invaluable space.

Plus, when you switch to a tankless water heater, you’ll enjoy …

1. Hotter Water That Lasts Longer

You can count on your tankless unit to deliver a steady stream of hot water almost instantly—after, of course, any cold water in the pipes is flushed out. This should only take a few seconds. Once the hot water starts flowing, you’ll enjoy a seemingly endless supply.

2. Superior Energy Efficiency

Tankless water heaters are extremely energy efficient. In fact, switching to a tankless water heater can cut your energy use in half, which means you also could cut your water bill in half!

A traditional water heater is designed to repeatedly reheat the water in the tank—even when no one needs hot water. This results in significant energy waste. By heating water on demand, tankless water heaters eliminate this waste. As a result, you can expect to save hundreds of dollars annually!

3. Rebates & Tax Breaks

When you upgrade to a tankless water heater, you may qualify for an energy-saving rebate along with federal tax credits, which can help offset the initial installation cost! You get rewarded for choosing a system that saves energy!

Give 2021 the Warm Welcome It Deserves

If you’re looking for a system that delivers endless hot water and offers superior energy efficiency that leads to lower energy bills, then a tankless water heater may be right for you!

Want to make the switch, but don’t want to put your budget in hot water? We’re here to help make an upgrade more affordable! We offer 0% financing for 12 months! We also offer free water heater estimates, which are good for 30 days!

At Cornerstone Pros, we’re committed to helping you turn your comfort dreams into a reality. Whether you’re looking to upgrade to a tankless water heater or you’re in need of an AC replacement in Westchase, FL, or a surrounding area, we’re here to help! Contact our pros at 813.995.7558 or fill out our online form today!