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Meet the ‘Heat’throb of Water Heaters

Tap Into the Benefits of Our Latest Addition

All you need is love—and endless hot water.

That’s why our team at Cornerstone Pros is proud to announce the arrival of a new hot water choice for your home that’ll you’ll adore: the trutankless® water heater. This unit is unlike any other hot water heater Tampa, FL, residents have encountered.

Engineered with cutting-edge technology, trutankless delivers hot water that never runs out—plus serious savings. But that’s just the beginning of the advantages. Prepare to fall head over heels for these benefits.

Energy Efficiency Everlasting

If every American family switched to a trutankless water heater, the savings could add up to a whopping $8.1 billion, according to the company. Here’s why:

About 25 percent of residential energy costs are used to heat hot water. And because gas and electric water storage tanks are only about 70 percent efficient, significant amounts of heat—and money—are wasted. That’s not the case with trutankless, which operates at 99 percent efficiency. This result is big savings. In fact, replacing your current water heater with trutankless could cut your water heating expenses by up to 45 percent!

It’s Heat at First Touch and Love at First Sight

If you’re looking to fire up the temperature of your home’s H20 without the burden of high energy bills, choose trutankless.

Even in the absence of hot water demand, a typical hot water heater continues operating to keep the water in its tank hot. Unfortunately, ensuring hot water is always ready requires units with tanks to work 11 or more hours a day—which adds to your energy costs. Instead of storing water, trutankless electric heats water on demand. Plus, with the ability to produce 7.5 gallons of hot water per minute, you can count on trutankless to supply hot water instantaneously—to multiple fixtures! It’s the whole-home hot water solution you deserve.

It’s Compact Size Makes It an Ideal Companion for Your Home

Water storage tanks take up a lot of space because they need to store 40 to 80 gallons of hot water. But because trutankless ditches the tank, you gain back valuable space in your home.

Your Serenity Has Met Its Soul Mate

Did you know that two-thirds of all water heater tanks will rupture? That’s not all. Tanks are also vulnerable to corrosion, leaks and scalding accidents.

With trutankless, you can avoid these potential problems. Plus, this system was engineered with safety in mind. Its design incorporates numerous safety features along with technologies like dry-fire defense, freeze protection, smart grid capabilities and leak detection that prevent product failure.

Only Fools Fall for Systems Without Smart Home Capabilities

When it comes to choosing a hot water solution for your home, trutankless is a wise choice—literally. One of the most innovative features of trutankless is its smart grid and home automation capabilities. A convenient app gives you remote control over your water heater, including its temperature and other settings. It also allows you to monitor its usage and performance. Being able to receive notifications about your trutankless unit on your smart phone ensures safe operation.

Ready to Commit to trutankless?

At Cornerstone Pros, we’re devoted to helping you attain total comfort. We’re here to help you decipher whether trutankless is the right hot water solution for your home—or whether one of our other hot water heaters is “the one” for you.

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