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Make This Summer Your ‘Flavor’ite One Yet!

Stick With Us to Avoid the Rocky Road

Have you heard the scoop?

It’s National Ice Cream Month! Plus, the cherry on top for us is that Cornerstone Pros is a winner in the 2019 Best of the Best People’s Choice Awards! We took home a top spot in the Best AC & Heating Service category.

There’s nothing sweeter than knowing our community is hooked on our dependable repairs, maintenance services and heating and air conditioning installations in Tampa, FL and beyond. You’ll be hooked, too!

Get a lick of how we can help get you out of these sticky situations.

Are Your Energy Bills Out of ‘Cone’trol?

When summer arrives, it’s natural to crank up your AC. Sure, this will cause your energy bills to rise. However, if you compare your current energy bills to last year’s and notice a significant difference, then there’s an issue with your air conditioner.

Often, the reason for this spike is a dirty air filter. Failing to change your air filter every couple of months results in less efficient operation. This forces your system to work harder to keep your home cool and results in higher energy bills.

Replacing your unit’s dirty filter with a new one makes it easier for your unit to circulate and deliver chilled relief throughout your home. It also:

  • Leads to a healthier indoor environment with cleaner, fresher air
  • Prevents dust and dirt from building up in your air ducts
  • Keeps dust, pollen and other airborne particles from entering your home
  • … And so much more!

If you’ve changed your unit’s air filter and it isn’t helping, then your system may need a repair. Contact our team and we’ll identify what’s causing your energy bills to increase.

Is Your Air Conditioner Di’sorbet’ing’ Orders?

Your air conditioner has one job—to keep your home cool. If it fails to provide the chilled relief you need, it may be time to schedule an AC repair in Land O’Lakes, FL or wherever you call home. If so, you’ll notice your unit is:

  • Not functioning at all
  • Running, but operating poorly
  • Dripping or leaking water
  • Making strange noises

Other reasons could be that your cooling needs have outgrown your current system’s capabilities or your unit is approaching the end of its lifespan. If so, an AC replacement is the smartest decision. Here are telltale signs that indicate your AC system needs to be replaced:

  • Unit is more than 10 years old
  • Frequently requires repairs
  • Energy bills have consistently increased
  • Inconsistent hot and cold pockets are apparent throughout the home
  • Unit is making excessive noise

Second Guessing If Your Short-Cycling Unit Is ‘Mint’ For Your Home?

If your AC is short cycling (turns on and off excessively) it could be due to a number of things. First, it could mean your unit is too big for the space it’s cooling. Contact us and we will decipher whether your unit is improperly sized for your home. If so, we will help you figure out how to address the issue.

We encourage you to also check for:

  • A clogged air filter
  • An electrical issue
  • Low refrigerant levels (causing the air conditioner to work harder, overheat and shut down)

If it’s any of the above, contact us to schedule a repair right away. If you don’t address your unit’s need for a repair fast enough, your AC can stop working properly when you need it most.

Dip Into Our Chilled Relief All Summer Long

At Cornerstone, we offer every flavor of air conditioning service you need to melt away your discomfort worries this summer. Give us a call at 813.995.7558 or fill out our online form today!