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Don’t Get Burned by Choosing the Wrong Contractor

Here’s What You Should Ask Anyone Performing Work in Your Home

Planning on a home equipment upgrade anytime soon? Maybe you’re looking to replace your heating system so it works more effectively. Or maybe you’ve been putting off a much-needed AC repair in your Land O’Lakes, FL home. Whatever work you plan to do, you’re more than likely looking for a contractor, like Cornerstone, to do the work efficiently and, above all, correctly.

But as many homeowners know, not all businesses are created equal. Who you choose to hire to come into your home and perform the job the way you need it done is more than calling the first name you find. Understanding availability, qualifications, pricing and more are all keys to finding a contractor that checks ALL of your boxes.

We’ve put together a few questions to ask when calling someone about your next job. The answers can help you choose wisely, making sure the job gets done right, on budget and with no surprises:

When Are You Available?

You’ll want to make sure your contractor can actually make it to you when you need them. You’re looking for a definitive answer on when they can arrive, not “maybe Tuesday” or “probably a week from today.” At Cornerstone, your call is always answered by a real person. We’ll do our best to fit you into our schedule when you need us, especially in an emergency.

Are You Qualified for the Job?

A job done right is far more important than a job done quickly or cheaply. Ask your contractor for their licensing information to ensure they’re on the up-and-up. Any reputable HVAC, plumbing or electrical contractor will be able to provide this information on request. You may also choose to ask for references from their customers, or search Google for reviews to learn about customer experiences. In Cornerstone’s case, we’re fully licensed and insured with proven industry experience to back it up!

Do You Provide Upfront Cost Estimates?

Knowing the expected cost of service will play a big role in your contracting decision. The last thing you want is to deal with unexpected added costs. Cornerstone makes sure you’re fully informed and agree to the cost of work before it begins.

Is Your Work Guaranteed?

A guarantee will ensure the work being done on your home is of the highest quality. There’s no reason you should pay twice for a job (once to have it done and then to have it redone by someone else). Cornerstone puts our guarantees in writing so there are no surprises—ever!

Be Confident in Your Home Service Installations and Repairs!

Once you’ve prepared all of your questions, it’s time to find the right contractor for the job! Use the internet, word of mouth or your neighbors’ experiences to determine the contractors you wish to contact. Even in the face of an emergency repair, take the time to make sure you’re only giving the job to the most qualified professionals that fit within your budget.

If you choose to work with Cornerstone, we’d love to explain to you why we’re the trusted, go-to contractor in your neighborhood. From installation and repairs to AC equipment and more in Land O’Lakes, FL and nearby, we’re here to answer your questions and earn your next job.

Reach out to us online or call Cornerstone Pros at 813.993.7995 today for your estimate!