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Young man cleaning filters in the air-conditioning split device.

For the Love of DIY Home Comfort … Should You or Shouldn’t You?

Learn What Projects Are Safe to Try Yourself

We love home improvement. We wouldn’t be in the comfort industry if we didn’t. Like us, many homeowners also love the opportunity to roll up their sleeves, get their hands dirty and tackle projects around the house.

While we’re always happy to lend a helping hand, we also strongly encourage DIY work where appropriate. It can save you time, money, protect your comfort and provide a sense of satisfaction. However, not all of your home’s needs are created equal.

As the local electric, plumbing, cooling and heating service providers in Tampa, we’ve seen quite a few DIY projects gone wrong that have cost homeowners money and headaches. But where is the line between “DIY” and “call a pro”?

Here’s What You Can “Do”…

  • Replace your air filter. Your HVAC’s air filter should be replaced every three months. This is often as simple as taking the dirty filter out of a slot and sliding a clean one in.
  • Clean the outside of your air conditioner. Your outdoor air conditioner is constantly exposed to the elements. Dirt, leaves, twigs and more can pile up quickly. Clearing debris will help prevent unwanted environmental damage.
  • Inspect for leaks. Notice any pooling water around your HVAC unit or elsewhere? There could be a leak. If the source is easy to identify and reach, you could temporarily stop it yourself. But leave permanent repairs to us.
  • Call an expert. A good DIYer knows there’s no shame in calling a professional. Sometimes it’s the smartest choice!

But Make Sure You “Don’t”…

  • Replace refrigerant. Refrigerant is excellent for keeping our homes comfortable, but it is contained for a reason. The substance is highly toxic when inhaled and must be handled by a professional.
  • Install or clean ductwork. It’s a good idea to leave all work related to ducts to the professionals. DIY installation can go wrong quickly and cleaning ducts yourself can result in direct exposure to air contaminants and mold.
  • Clean coils, motors or fans. Your HVAC unit’s inner workings are very intricate. When cleaning, one wrong move can create havoc and even result in the need to replace parts.
  • Install plumbing fixtures. We don’t suggest DIYing these projects unless you have plenty of experience. With a professional installation, you can breathe easier knowing everything will be in working order right from the start.
  • Work with electrical wiring. Again, some small projects, such as an outlet replacement, could be DIY-worthy in the right hands. But, as a rule, working with electricity should not be attempted if you’re not a pro. It’s simply too risky and potentially dangerous.

Our Expertise Is at Your Fingertips!

If your DIY project goes awry, we’re here for you. But we’re also here to help in any way we can. We’re not just Tampa’s heating pros. We’re also the pros you can count on for cooling, plumbing, electrical, water treatment, indoor air quality and more!

Reach out to us at 813.993.7995 to schedule a consultation or speak to a member of our team!