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Creeped Out by Clogged Pipes?

It’s Actually Drain Cleaners That Should Scare You!

We get it. A clogged drain is a major pain. But before you resort to an over-the-counter drain cleaner, there are some frightening facts you should know. So listen up! As the trusted plumbing and drain cleaning company in Tampa, FL, our Cornerstone Pros team is taking initiative and sharing the chilling truth about drain cleaners with you.

It’s a spooky fact that over-the-counter drain cleaners …

Use Harsh Chemicals That Have Alarming Effects

Store-bought drain cleaners rely on harsh chemicals such as bleach, caustic potash and peroxide to break down hair, sludge and other gunk. Inside your pipes, the chemical reactions these cleaners create are the key to disintegrating clogs. But, outside of the pipes, these chemicals are extremely hazardous to your health. They can cause a chemical burn if they make contact with your skin and they emit strong fumes that can be fatal when breathed inside a confined space.

Dig Your Pipe’s Grave

Sure, drain cleaners may temporarily clear your drains, but in the long run they’re extremely damaging to your fixtures and pipes. If these chemicals get stuck in your pipes, the acids challenge the integrity of your pipes and can lead to warping or corrosion—both of which can result in pipe leaks or cracks and put you at risk for a massive repair cost.

Only Make Certain Types of Clogs Vanish—And Not for Long!

While drain cleaners are effective at clearing hair or food clogs, they’re often unable to clear more complicated clogs such as solid objects or tough mineral deposit buildup. And unfortunately, they don’t actually resolve your drainage issues. Rather, they stand as a temporary solution for a clogged drain.

So, here’s the bottom line: Success with these harsh chemicals is fleeting and only lasts for a short period of time. Before long, that old clog will return and you’ll find yourself reaching for that drain cleaner yet again. So, what’s a homeowner to do? Simple—you reach out to the professional drain cleaners at Cornerstone Pros who can offer permanent solutions!

Have No Fear! Our Professional Drain Cleaning Solutions Are Here!

Cornerstone Pros offers professional drain cleaning in Tampa and surrounding areas. Our technology and expert solutions can clear any stubborn drain of gunk and sludge and have your pipes flowing smoothly and smelling fresh yet again!

Best of all, when cleaning your drain, our certified plumbers use methods that are safe for your pipes (and your health). Unlike store-bought drain cleaners, our professional drain cleaning methods can clear any clog—no matter the cause. And our solutions will last—draining away your worries for months, if not longer.

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