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Are You Making a Mess of Your Spring Cleaning?

Make Sure These Items Are on Your To-Do List

Spring cleaning?

As the Tampa Bay area’s home service pros, we definitely know a thing or two about getting your home in great working order. Our best advice? Add your HVAC system to your spring-cleaning to-do list.

Getting your air conditioner ready for cooling season is simpler than you think. Here’s what you need to do.

Schedule an AC Tune-Up

The worst thing you can do is send your air conditioner into battle against the hot and humid summer weather—unprepared. So, if you haven’t done so already, make sure to schedule a preseason inspection with our AC service pros.

During your AC tune-up, we will thoroughly inspect your indoor and outdoor unit along with performing a light cleaning, check all electrical connections and clear away any leaves or debris on your outdoor unit. If there are any problems or potential issues, we will bring them to your attention and make recommendations based on our findings.

How does this benefit you? Well, providing your air conditioner with the TLC it needs will:

  • Increase your system’s efficiency
  • Lower your energy bills
  • Reduce the risk of costly breakdowns
  • Add years to your system’s lifespan
  • Improve the quality of your home’s air
  • … And more!

Change Your System’s Air Filter

Your HVAC system’s air filter does exactly what its name implies. It filters your home’s air before it recirculates back into your system, trapping dust, pet dander, pollen and other small particles trying to tag along. It’s important to change out a dirty filter with a new one regularly. Our suggestion is every 60 to 90 days. This simple maintenance task is what stands between you and lower energy costs, dependable chilled relief and healthier, cleaner indoor air.

When purchasing an air filter for your system, it’s important you buy the right one. In addition to dimensions, you also must consider which type of filter best fits your needs. This should help you out:

Fiberglass filters: You get what you pay for with fiberglass filters. While this economically friendly choice will protect your HVAC system from dust, it will not help improve your home’s air quality.

UV (Ultra Violet) filters: Not only does this filter screen out dust, pet dander and other small particles, it also uses UV light to zap viruses, bacteria, mold and other micro-organisms that can lead to sicknesses.

HEPA filters: This filter traps dander, pollen, dust mites and other airborne particles that can trigger asthma or allergies, making your indoor space a breath of fresh air—literally.

Pleated filters: Because of its large surface area, this filter provides a higher quality air filtration than traditional filters. Depending on the quality you choose, your pleated filter is able to remove small particles while filtering out viruses and bacteria, too!

Electrostatic filters: This filter uses an electromagnetic charge to zap pet dander, hair, dust and other airborne particles out of the air.

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