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The Cornerstone of Our Company’s Journey

Discover How We Became Your Trusted HVAC Company

Every company has a story. At Cornerstone Pros, ours is about faith, hard work and a perpetual dedication to create an HVAC company Florida residents can rely on.

As a company that started off just offering AC services and air conditioning installations in Tampa, FL, it’s clear that Cornerstone has come a long way. And now we are sharing our story with you. It’s the story of how Dana Spears overcame obstacles and broke through barriers to bring dependable HVAC service to your town.

It All Started When…

They never said it was going to be easy. They just said it was going to be worth it. And that’s where our company’s journey began.

As a mom who also juggled a part-time job, Dana Spears was determined to do whatever it took to make Cornerstone a success. From multitasking during the day to doing work late at night after she put the kids to bed, Spears worked tirelessly to build this company from the ground up and turn it into the successful business it is today.

But there were hills and bumps along the way. You see, Spears and her business partner went their separate ways and she was left with an empty bank account and an HVAC company that needed a great deal of attention to grow and prosper. But Spears refused to give up. With a small but committed staff and a lot of faith, she used her vision of what Cornerstone could become to fuel her fire. From there, her dream became a reality. 

And the Story Continues…

At first, Cornerstone’s concentration was on delivering superior AC services and AC replacements in Tampa, FL. But over the years, Spears and our team built up the client base, moved the company from Spears’ home to a warehouse and began offering more than just AC services. In Residential Life Magazine’s article, Spears shares more details about how we grew into the company we are today. 

Cornerstone Now and Then

In the article, Spears says, “I feel that what I accomplished wasn’t easy, but I kept going. I did it. I’m proud of that.” And she should be. Cornerstone has grown from a handful of employees to a 50-employee company without losing sight of its core values.

Throughout Cornerstone’s growth, Spears not only treats each and every team member with the respect we deserve, but she manages to retain Cornerstone’s focus on delivering reliable and trustworthy heating, air conditioning, IAQ, electrical and plumbing services to customers across the Tampa Bay area, too. This keeps employees happy and Florida residents comfortable.

Spears plans on taking Cornerstone’s dedication to our clients even further by growing our company from the inside out. This means expanding the size of our facility, further developing our electrical department and continuing to better hone our industry expertise. Essentially, Cornerstone’s team is sticking to getting better at what we know and what we’re good at—and that’s keeping your home and your budget comfy.

Now You Know Cornerstone Pros

In Residential Life Magazine’s article, Spears gives readers this advice: “Find a way to do it differently; work around it. I think too many people get stumped, and stop there. Instead, find out why it didn’t work out. Find a way to get around that. You can still make it happen, just take a different route.”

If you’re ready to trust your home comfort to a team that refuses to get stumped when it comes to meeting your needs, fill out our online form or contact us at 813.995.7558 today!