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Did You Just Void Your Unit’s Warranty?!

5 Mistakes You Don’t Want to Make

Did you know every air conditioner comes with a warranty? If you’re thinking, “Whoopty doo,” think again.

A warranty is your budget’s saving grace. It covers certain repairs and replacements, stands as a faulty equipment guarantee and more. If your system unexpectedly needs a covered repair or replacement, there’s no need to dip into your savings. It’s taken care of under your warranty. That is, of course, if your warranty isn’t void!

Once a warranty is void the manufacturer will no longer cover costly repairs, system replacements or other expensive misfortunes that arise. This leaves you paying hundreds to thousands of dollars. And here’s the scariest part: More times than not, customers accidentally void their unit’s warranty and don’t even realize it.

From homeowners prematurely replacing their air conditioners to unnecessarily paying for an expensive AC repair in Land O’Lakes, FL, our team at Cornerstone Pros has heard a magnitude of voided warranty horror stories. That’s why our professionals are committed to raising awareness about common mistakes customers make that void warranties.

Follow Through on the Warranty’s Registration Process

Many manufacturers require a customer to register the unit within a limited window of time in order for the warranty to take effect.

We understand that the last thing you want to do after purchasing a new air conditioner is fill out paperwork. However, the value far outweighs the short time it takes to complete the registration process. Often, registering your unit is as simple as visiting the manufacturer’s website and filling out an online form.

Only Choose Replacement Parts From the Manufacturer

Although air conditioners are durable, they’re not indestructible. Parts will break or fail. When they do, remember to only use replacement parts from the company that manufactured your air conditioner.

Although off-brand replacement parts may be cheaper, opting for these parts will cost you more in the long run. That’s because the company that manufactured your air conditioner can’t risk guaranteeing another company’s products, leading to your unit’s warranty being voided.

Hire Cornerstone Pros to Professionally Install Your Unit

It’s crucial that your air conditioner is properly installed by an HVAC professional. Not only will this expert installation lead to more dependable operation, but can also be a requirement to retain the validity of your unit’s warranty.

A DIY or uncertified installation can lead to poor equipment operation, comfort problems, higher energy bills and a voided warranty. A manufacturer doesn’t want be held accountable for systematic problems that could have been avoided if the unit was properly installed.

To ensure your air conditioner remains covered by its warranty, turn to Cornerstone Pros. Our professionals have the training and expertise to install your air conditioner flawlessly the first time.

Annual Maintenance Is a Must

No matter how high end your cooling system is, it’s a machine. In order for it to remain in good working condition for years to come, repairing your unit quickly and scheduling annual AC maintenance in Land O’Lakes, FL, aren’t an option. They’re a necessity. In fact, it’s stated in many warranties that you must have your unit serviced by a certified HVAC contractor once a year to keep your warranty valid.

Our maintenance plans at Cornerstone Pros make it easy for you keep up with your cooling system’s TLC needs. Click here to learn more about joining our Comfort Club and how it can help you avoid a voided warranty, unnecessary repairs, unexpected breakdowns and more.

Keep Record of Every Visit

When your unit malfunctions and you request coverage under your warranty, the manufacturer will ask you for proof of two things: Your unit was professionally installed and it’s receiving the annual maintenance it needs. Without this proof, it’s very likely a manufacturer will not cover the cost. That’s why we recommend you keep a record of receipts from every visit.

Warranty Questions? We Have the Answers!

If you need help understanding your air conditioner’s warranty, get in touch with Cornerstone Pros today by filling out our online form or calling us at 813.995.7558! Our professionals are here to help you stay comfy, save money and, ultimately, retain your peace of mind.