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Be Smart About Staying Warm This Winter

Cornerstone Can Replace Your Aging Heater With the Perfect System

The Tampa Bay region is blessed with a subtropical climate. Every winter sees more and more snowbirds flocking here to escape heavy snowfalls and freezing temperatures. But while the winters are milder than up north, things can still get chilly. Without heat, overnight temperatures can drop into the 40s and 50s—making it uncomfortably cool indoors, too.

We see many families making due with heating strips in air conditioners or space heaters. While those are fine for rare occasions, they will drive up electric bills in a hurry over the course of a full winter. Installing a proper heater is the better option, both for your wallet and your comfort.

When Hurricane Ian arrived late last month, the Tampa area was fortunate to be spared from a direct hit and the most serious damage. But we remain vulnerable to high-impact storms and other events where you can lose power. So keep in mind that Cornerstone is the generator pro you can count on for high-quality backup generators at this time of year, too.

When it comes to your heating needs, the experts at Cornerstone Pros can inspect your home and help you select the perfect system for your family and budget. Once it’s in place, we’ll be there to support you with timely repairs and routine maintenance checks so everything runs exactly as planned. Here are rundowns on the systems we recommend to our customers.


Most folks grew up with furnaces warming their homes in the winter months, making them a tried-and-true option. They’re strong, reliable and more efficient than space heaters or baseboard units. If you stay on top of maintenance, they can last you 15 to 20 years, making them a worthwhile investment.

Heat Pumps

These highly efficient systems are quickly becoming the popular option to warm homes in the Tampa Bay region. The name can be a bit misleading; they heat and cool your home. During the summer, they use refrigerant to pump heat out of your house. Heat pumps work in reverse during the winter, pulling warmth inside.

The upfront cost of a heat pump is more expensive compared to a furnace, but the long-term efficiencies can defray those costs. For starters, your heat pump is pulling double duty, so you’re not paying for installing separate heating and cooling systems. And because they don’t generate their own heat, they don’t burn as much energy.

Our Experts Are Ready to Help

Want to wade into more details? The friendly technicians at Cornerstone Pros are more than happy to talk shop with you about furnaces, heat pumps and Generac generators for your Tampa area home. To access more information, simply call us at 813.995.7558 or reach out through our online messaging tool.