FREE Water Heater? This Contest Is Hot & Ready!

Water temperature controls on a hot water heater

Time for Some March Madness If your hot water heater is on the decline, we have some fabulous news for you! This month, we’re running our March Madness Sweepstakes. One lucky winner will receive a FREE water heater system and installation from Cornerstone Pros! Say goodbye to cold showers and hello to a shiny new […]

A Cozy Holiday Is a Happy Holiday

Tips for Hosting the Most Comfortable Thanksgiving Ever! November is finally here! There are so many things to celebrate, like scoring a great Black Friday deal on that electric scooter you’ve had your eye on or getting into a heated argument over whether turkey or ham is the superior main dish on Thanksgiving. If you’re […]

A New Year Brings New Changes to the AC Industry

SEER2 Updates

What Is SEER2, and How Will It Affect Homeowners? For most homeowners, understanding air conditioners is an afterthought to the cool relief they provide. But “as long as it works” is a mantra that simply can’t fly when it comes to your major home utilities. Just as you trust Cornerstone Pros to provide many expert […]

10 Tips for Self-Care This Holiday Season

We Highly Recommend No. 9 and No. 10 As a homeowner, you spend a large amount of time making everything comfy, cozy and safe for other members of your household. Those efforts tend to shift into overdrive this time of year—the holiday season. You focus on every little detail. Cookies and hot cocoa in the […]

Be Smart About Staying Warm This Winter

Cornerstone Can Replace Your Aging Heater With the Perfect System The Tampa Bay region is blessed with a subtropical climate. Every winter sees more and more snowbirds flocking here to escape heavy snowfalls and freezing temperatures. But while the winters are milder than up north, things can still get chilly. Without heat, overnight temperatures can […]

Brace Your‘Elf’ for Rising Energy Costs

‘Yule’ Want to Check Out These Energy-Saving Tips! What’s the adult equivalent to receiving coal in your stocking? High energy bills! Unfortunately, with electricity costs on the rise, higher-than-normal heating costs will be common for homeowners across the Tampa Bay area and beyond this season. Yes, we know. This isn’t the news you were hoping […]