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Discover the Honest Truth About Your Home’s H2O

You Deserve to Know What’s in Your Drinking Water

April 30 is National Honesty Day!

Our team at Cornerstone Pros takes this holiday to heart—and here’s why. From major plumbing and electrical work to routine heating and AC maintenance, honesty is the foundation for every service we provide. So, we’re celebrating this special day by correcting a big lie: Clear water is not synonymous with clean water!

Tap Into the Nitty Gritty of Your Tap Water

Although your tap water may look clean and taste fine, odds are it contains impurities. Some of these substances are relatively harmless, but others are toxic, harmful to your health or can cause damage to your home’s appliances and fixtures. These include:

  • Microbes, viruses, bacteria & parasites
  • Lead
  • Radon
  • Radium
  • Nitrates
  • Arsenic
  • Pesticides
  • By-products of the disinfection process
  • … And more!

Thankfully, our team at Cornerstone Pros offers the water purification and filtration solutions you need to address whatever water quality issues you’re facing!

Here are two of the most common problems!

1. Bad Tasting Water

Does your water leave an unpleasant taste in your mouth? If so, it may be high in mineral content or treated with chlorine, which is the most common chemical added to tap water. The purpose of chlorine is to purify water, killing off parasites, viruses, microorganisms and waterborne pathogens. In small doses, it’s completely safe. But large doses or long-term exposure to chlorine and chlorine by-products are a different story because they can result in harmful effects, such as:

  • Increased risk of bladder & other forms of cancer
  • Heightened threat of asthma & asthmatic attacks
  • Heart problems
  • Miscarriage and birth defects
  • … And more

At Cornerstone, we offer several ways to make sure your water is chlorine-free—including our five-stage reverse osmosis (RO) system. This at-home filtering unit provides the greatest level of purification, which results in bottled-water quality and taste. During the last stage, this system adds essential minerals to your water so it’s healthier, too!

2. Hard Water

While hard water is generally safe to drink, it wreaks havoc on your home’s appliances and fixtures. From your washing machine and dishwasher to your faucets and water heater, hard water causes deposits of calcium carbonate, calcium sulfate and magnesium hydroxide to form inside your pipes. This results in lower water pressure and less-efficient operation. Plus, it can severely damage your water-dependent appliances. As if that’s not enough, hard water also reacts with soaps and detergents, leaving your clothes looking dull, gray and dingy.

At Cornerstone, we offer a high-efficiency, whole-house water softener that eliminates hard water. When your water is softer, you’ll enjoy the following benefits:

  • Detergents & soaps working more efficiently for brighter & cleaner laundry
  • Longer lifespans for appliances
  • Less energy waste because your pipes are free of mineral deposits
  • Minimal scale build-up on your plumbing fixtures
  • … And more!

Cheers to Cleaner, Healthier H2O

Not sure what’s hidden in your water? We’ll help you find out—for FREE! For a limited time, we’re offering FREE water treatment testing to provide you with answers! From there, we’ll be happy to help if you need one of our outstanding water quality solutions.

Fill out our online form or call our pros at 727.295.3099 today! From water purification system installations to AC repair in Tampa, FL, and beyond, we’re the home service company Central Florida residents can depend on for electrical, plumbing and HVAC needs.