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Don’t Dig Your Peace of Mind’s Grave

Beware of These Electrical Problems!

The thing that scares us the most is often the thing we know little about or aren’t prepared to face. For many homeowners, the monster hiding in the closet is their electrical service. But don’t worry. Your friends at Cornerstone Pros are here to shed light on some of the mysteries and make dealing with your electrical problems less frightening.

For years, Floridians have counted on us to keep their goose bumps at bay with our emegency heating and cooling in Hillsborough County, FL, and beyond. However, we do more than provide dependable HVAC services. We also offer an entire menu of electrical services. From installing a backup generator to eliminate the threat of power loss and its associated problems to performing an electrical system upgrade, we make it scary easy for you to power up to a safer space.

Ignoring a faulty or outdated electrical system will come back to haunt you. Look out for these warning signs.

Beware a Burning Odor!

If you notice a persistent burning smell inside a room or coming from an appliance, watch out! An electrical fire could be looming due to improper wiring, a faulty device or an overloaded electrical system. Go to your electrical panel and turn off the power immediately. Then, contact Cornerstone Pros right away! Our expert electricians will help you assess and then address the dangerous issue you’re facing.

Fear Frequently Tripping Circuit Breakers!

Hair dryers, lights and appliances, oh my! Relying on your electrical system to accomplish too much at once is risky. If you operate too many electrical appliances or gadgets at once, wires could overheat, which puts you at risk for an electrical fire.

Don’t get spooked because your circuit breaker trips. It’s doing this to keep you safe. However, if your circuit breaker continuously trips or its fuses blow repeatedly, make no bones about it. This is an indication your circuit breaker is outdated or damaged and you need to contact us right away. Cornerstone Pros will unmask the issue and properly address it with a quality repair or electrical wiring update.

Heed This Shocking Horror!

Touching or plugging in an appliance shouldn’t send chills down your spine. If you feel a tingling sensation or get a mild shock, it means there’s an issue with the appliance or your home’s wiring. To avoid a hair-raising experience escalating into a horrifying situation, speak to our electricians.

Hot Ceiling Fixtures? Howl for Help!

Light bulbs generate heat. But there’s a big difference between warm and too hot. If the recommended maximum wattage for a bulb is exceeded, the light is likely to overheat. If this heat builds up in a ceiling fixture, it can start a fire. Checking the area around your ceiling fixtures for excess warmth can prevent this.

Another option is to upgrade your incandescent lighting to LED because LED bulbs produce less heat. Plus, LED lighting is a highly energy-efficient technology, using 75 percent less energy and lasting 25 times longer than incandescent lighting. Flip the switch for increased safety and savings with Cornerstone Pros!

Don’t Get Caught in the Dark!

Unless you’re on the set of a scary movie, your lights should not begin flickering or dimming on their own. This is sometimes caused by a loose or defective light bulb and can be addressed by replacing or tightening it. If the problem persists, however, we’re the experts you need to exorcise those demons.

Keep in mind that you don’t have to wait for a problem to arise to see your home in a new light. The right lighting improves the functionality of any room and creates a more pleasant atmosphere. You can light the way to a home that better fits your lifestyle by taking advantage of our lighting services at any time.

With Us, a Safer Home Isn’t Just ‘Witchful’ Thinking

No trick here. Cornerstone’s electrical services are a real treat. To power up to a safer space, fill out our online form or call us at 813.995.7558.

That’s not the only reason you’ll want to give us a ring. Cooler weather is right around the corner. So, if you want to prevent your blood from running cold this winter, it’s crucial you schedule a preseason heating inspection or a heat pump installation in Tampa, FL right away!