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Quick Steps to Take If the AC Breaks

Step 1: Don’t Panic!

In a climate like ours, the humming of an air conditioner is like music to the ears. It means you don’t need to deal with the brutal Florida heat unless you venture outside. But when the “music” stops playing, your peace of mind is shattered as you realize the air conditioner is no longer working.

Losing your air conditioning in Florida is more than just an inconvenience—it’s an emergency. That’s why we respond swiftly for AC repair in Pasco County and across our service area. While we’re in the process of dispatching your technician, there are several steps you can take to preserve the cool air and stay as comfortable as possible.

When Your AC Takes a Summer Vacation, Be Sure To…

  1. Check the thermostat batteries. We’re putting this at the top of the list because it’s important to make sure there is actually a problem with the AC. Sometimes people panic (understandably!) and don’t realize the batteries just need to be replaced. So before assuming the worst, check your thermostat to make sure the batteries aren’t the issue.
  2. Stay hydrated. Drink plenty of water or other hydrating fluids, such as sports drinks. Avoid consuming alcoholic beverages as these will only dehydrate you.
  3. Lower the shades and close the curtains. Natural light is great for lifting your mood. But when the air conditioner goes kaput, staying cool becomes top priority. Lower the shades and close the curtains until the AC is fixed. Once everything’s taken care of, you can go back to enjoying the summer sun!
  4. Change into loose-fitting clothing. Don’t dress to impress when the AC isn’t working. We recommend changing into light-colored, loose-fitting clothing, such as shorts and a tank top.
  5. Apply a cold compress. Run a face towel under cold water and apply it to your forehead for some immediate relief. This is a great way to quickly lower your body temperature and help combat the heat.
  6. Avoid using the oven or stove. That chicken you were planning on baking might need to be grilled instead! The stove and especially the oven will produce a lot of heat you don’t need. Switch gears and either grill outside, order takeout or go out to eat.
  7. Take a nap or get out of the house. We normally wouldn’t recommend avoiding your problems. But in times like these, you want to do everything you can to escape the heat. While you’re waiting for the professionals to arrive, get some shut-eye or leave the house for a bit.
  8. Switch the ceiling fans to turn counterclockwise. Ceiling fans should always run counterclockwise during the warmer months because the fan will pull the cool air up and disperse it throughout the room. Some people don’t know that the direction of the ceiling fan makes a difference, but it does!
  9. Create a makeshift fan. This is a great way to give standing fans some extra oomph! Fill bowls with ice and place them in front of the fans. As the fan runs and the ice melts, it will create a cold burst of air that will help cool your home.
  10. Go for a swim or take a cold shower. Heat can make us feel not only uncomfortable but also groggy. Taking a dip in the pool or hopping in the shower will lower your body temperature and make you feel less lethargic.

Stay Calm, Cool & Comforted With Cornerstone!

We want to reiterate that although losing your air conditioning is stressful, you don’t need to sweat it with our crew nearby. Customers know us as the AC pros of Florida not because of our cool brand (though it does help!), but because we are there for them through it all. You can count on us to quickly step in and do everything in our power to fully restore your air conditioner. That’s our promise to you!

To request emergency repair service, contact us online or call Cornerstone Pros at 727.351.6564 today!