Tired of Learning Homeowner-Related Matters the Hard Way

Here Are 3 Mistakes You Don’t Want to Make Being a homeowner is not something you just know how to do. It’s something you have to learn. Unfortunately, learning often comes in the form of trial and error. At Cornerstone Pros, we believe smart homeowners are those who learn from their mistakes. But even smarter […]

Brace Your‘Elf’ for Rising Energy Costs

‘Yule’ Want to Check Out These Energy-Saving Tips! What’s the adult equivalent to receiving coal in your stocking? High energy bills! Unfortunately, with electricity costs on the rise, higher-than-normal heating costs will be common for homeowners across the Tampa Bay area and beyond this season. Yes, we know. This isn’t the news you were hoping […]

Clogged Drain? Read This First!

We’re Busting 3 Major Drain Cleaning Myths! Is your drain being a pain? From your sink draining slowly to your tub refusing to drain at all, a clogged drain is an issue you can’t ignore. But if you’re considering a DIY solution, don’t believe everything you read. Drain cleaning advice you hear from a friend […]

Expecting a Tax Refund? Show Your Home Some Love!

Make an Investment in Your Home Comfort! Valentine’s Day is dedicated to showing your appreciation for the one(s) you love. Due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic though, we may find ourselves celebrating a little differently this year. So, if you’re staying in instead of going out, here are some ideas for celebrating: Do a puzzle. […]

You Really ‘Autumn’ Know How to Prep for Fall!

Our Pros Are Here to Help! Sometimes Florida’s temperatures can be deceiving, often making it seem as if there’s plenty of summer left. But the truth is that fall and winter are on their way—and so is the cooler weather that accompanies them. So, while it’s still nice out, it’s important that you prep your […]