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Don’t Let Plumbing Issues Wash Away Your Summer Fun

Keep an Eye on These Common Warm Weather Plumbing Concerns

Ahh, summer. Ice cold drink in hand? Check. Grill fired up? Check. Air conditioning humming along? Definitely. Plumbing in good condition? Hmm.

There’s no doubt that AC repair in Land O’ Lakes  is the top home service on everyone’s mind during the hot summer months. But you should also pay attention to your plumbing because the hot weather can bring a whole host of challenges.

Your home plumbing is oh-so-important and oh-so-sensitive. When everything is working properly, it’s easy to take for granted. But when there’s an issue, it’s impossible to ignore.

During the summer, your family can be really hard on your plumbing, especially if you have school-aged children who are home more frequently or you’re enjoying staycations from work. From extra loads of wash and more showers to watering the lawn and filling the swimming pool, summer plumbing use can be off the charts. Here are some of the problems you might encounter as a result:

  1. Clogged Drains: During the summer, your family will probably spend a lot more time outdoors, including at the beach or hiking nature trails. As a result, all kinds of debris can get stuck on your hands, feet and shoes. Washing this sediment off in your home sinks or showers can quickly cause buildups that lead to blocked drains. Try rinsing off with a hose before you go into the house.
  2. Clogged Toilets: If your family is one that stays home more often in the summer, that means your toilets see increased usage. Using too much toilet paper is an easy mistake to make, so be sure you’ve got plumbing supplies readily available in your restrooms. Pro tip: “Flushable” wipes still shouldn’t be flushed down the toilet! 
  3. Leaky Faucets & Spouts: A faucet leak is nothing to ignore. What looks like just a few drops can really add up to several gallons of water wasted over the course of a year. This is especially true for outdoor water sources like your hose, which has probably been lying dormant all winter long.
  4. Overloaded Washing Machines: Bathing suits, towels, sweaty socks and more. There’s a lot of laundry to be done in the summer. But keeping your loads lighter can do wonders for your washing machine. Smaller loads reduce the strain on the machine, result in cleaner clothes and reduce the risk of hose leaks.
  5. Overworked Water Heaters: Even in hot weather, a hot shower can feel incredible. Combined with constant hand washing and baths, the water heater can see a lot of use, which means an increased risk of breakdown. Give us a call if you notice unusually cold water from your faucets and showers.

Summer Plumbing Woes, Begone!

While you’re searching for the best AC installation companies near you for your cooling needs this year, don’t forget to choose a contractor that can help you best diagnose and solve your plumbing problems, too.

We rely so much on water in our homes all year round, so don’t hesitate to reach out at the first sign of a drip, leak or other plumbing problem. Give us a call at 813.993.7995 to schedule a service visit!