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Modern air conditioning and heating units or heat pumps, used in homes without central air conditioning

Your AC Is About to Start Working Overtime

Learn Common Cooling Issues and How to Identify Them

Happy June! Summer officially returns this month, which means we’re ready to be busier than ever helping our neighbors across Florida keep their homes cool and comfortable.

In a perfect world, air conditioning wouldn’t need maintenance. We would have cool, clean air blowing over us anytime we need it. But the “cold reality” is your system needs regular maintenance like most major appliances in your home. Neglecting your AC can result in unexpected problems.

When you need AC repair in your Land O’ Lakes, FL, home, you can always rely on us to answer your call and get things ship-shape again. But being able to identify ahead of time what could go wrong and how it might happen are important steps in keeping your system healthy for the rest of the season—and for years to come. Let’s explore some common issues and how you can spot them.

What Seems to Be the Problem?

Air conditioning is an incredible invention that’s come a long way since the early 1900s. But just like all good appliances, issues can still arise. If you’re noticing problems like uneven temperatures, odd noises or smells, leaks and even freezing, one of these issues could be the culprit.

  • Lost power. If you lose power or the circuit trips, your cool air goes with it. If you notice air isn’t flowing when it should, one of your first moves should be to ensure the switches for both your indoor and outdoor units are set to “on” at the breaker panel.
  • Aging systems. Air conditioning units are built to last. With proper maintenance, they can run at full capacity for over a decade. Still, they won’t last forever with aging systems more prone to problems than newer models. Rely on us for regular inspections to keep your system in great shape for as long as possible.
  • Wear and tear. Just because your AC is new, however, doesn’t mean it’s impervious to damage. Excessive wear and tear can cause stress on the system and various components can wear out or fail. It’s best to only use your AC when you need it and to make sure your cool air isn’t escaping through open windows or unsealed doors.
  • Refrigerant leaks. Refrigerant is the substance that allows your AC to produce cool air. Without it, your system will still operate, but it won’t cool your home. Plus, leaks can cause more damage to your AC and create health hazards for your family. Call us immediately to take a look at leaks of any kind.

What Can You Do?

Want to avoid these problems and more? Routine maintenance is the smart way to keep your system in great shape.

Having a professional routinely inspect your equipment can be the difference between a cool, relaxing day at home or a miserable slog on one of the hottest days of the season.

Routine maintenance isn’t just a quick once-over to make sure your system is working. Rather, it’s a thorough inspection that includes checking for leaks, worn out or loose components, corrosion, frozen coils and so much more. It can be the difference between continued comfort and the time and hassle spent on a major repair!

Keep Cool as a Cucumber This Summer With Cornerstone!

So, now you know some of the most common issues with air conditioners. Ready to have us check yours? We’re ready to assist you as the summer heat climbs higher and higher. If you’re in the market for a new system, there isn’t a better time than now to schedule your AC installation for your Lank O’ Lakes, FL, home!

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