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August 2015 Newsletter

Tips to save money on your monthly bills..

Does it interest you that you could possibly save hundreds of dollars on your AC, Plumbing, and Electrical bills with simple steps ? If this is the case please continue reading and learn how you could save BIG throughout your entire home from A/C, Water Purification, and LED lights!

How to Lower Your AC Costs Now

1. Invest your money in a programmable thermostat. Most people don’t realize how much energy they are wasting when they leave their AC at a designated temperature all day. A programmable thermostat will allow you to set a schedule of increasing and decreasing your temperature automatically for you. This approach reduces the energy used in your home and untimely helps you save more money. 
2. A clogged or dirty air filter can be hurting your AC efficiency. The AC filter is one of the most critical parts of the unit and is very easy to maintain. A clean flow of air is important when trying to save energy and keep your system from being overworked. Remember to change your filter!
3Lastly, don’t forget to inspect your outdoor air conditioner unit on a regular basis. This is where two key components of your system, the compressor and condenser, are located and they will not run correctly if clogged with debris. 


Some of these steps can also be rendered through Cornerstone Pro’s Tune-up special for $29.95. Check your coupon above!!

Whole Home Water Purification and more…

Did you know that Cornerstone Pros offers solutions for your water quality needs? Have you been looking for softer water, a better way to eliminate calcium deposits in your shower, or just looking for pure drinking water  for your family? Stop throwing your money away on bottled water.  Cornerstone Pros has a solution to all of the problems listed above and can provide free estimates for purification systems. We also install faucets, sinks, commodes, whole home re-pipes, electric and gas water heaters, and much more!


Our Growing Electrical Service Department …

Our Electrical department is now in full operation and we are here to meet any and all of your service repair needs due to an electrical failure or a problem arises in your home. We also help with renovations such as installation of ceiling fans, adding or upgrading lighting fixtures and installing can lights. We can install new outlets, Install Money Saving LED lights and whole home surge protectors. Give our new department a try and you will NOT be disappointed.



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